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Dental Treatments in Turkey

Beauty starts with confidence. Many of us dream of a Hollywood smile but the reality is that the cost of dental treatment in the UK can make this impossible.
Imagine if you could have access to professional and high quality dental treatments, but at a fraction of the cost?
The team at Stella Aesthetics has close ties with the best dental clinics in Istanbul which provide an excellent range of cutting edge dental treatments to visitors from the UK, using the best techniques, materials and dental technologies. Your treatment is combined with the opportunity for an enjoyable break in fascinating Istanbul.

Hair Transplants in Turkey

Losing your hair can be highly upsetting, but with the treatment opportunities available in Turkey, there is no reason to worry.
Stella Aesthetics can help you to turn-back time for your hairline with access to a fantastic quality Turkish hair transplant which costs considerably less than the same treatment in the UK.
The clinics that we work with boast a success rate of 99% and use cutting edge technology to ensure a natural look which we guarantee you will be delighted with.
You can experience a wonderful holiday in Turkey at the same time as your treatment.

Cosmetic Procedures in Turkey

High quality cosmetic procedures can improve your appearance and add a real boost to your confidence. Travelling to Turkey for your procedure offers the double benefit of superior healthcare facilities and expert practitioners with surprisingly reasonable costs.
The wonderful city of Istanbul is quickly becoming one of the world’s best destinations for cosmetic procedures and Stella Aesthetics offers you guidance and access to the very best that this country has to offer.
Experience enviable cosmetic improvement with the chance to experience the delights of Istanbul.


Why Choose Us?

We know that the prospect of travelling abroad for your treatment can be scary, so it is important that you feel safe and completely relaxed during your trip.
The owner and founder of Stella Aesthetics – Gina Rieger- is half Turkish and regularly travels to Istanbul for her own medical appointments so we are 100% confident that you will be thrilled with the standards of care on offer.

Not only are prices very reasonable but the city’s healthcare staff, doctors and dentists are highly trained, accredited, friendly and professional.
Our expert team will support you all the way with access to the perfect treatment and holiday package. We offer you help and guidance, translation if needed, a 24/7 contact person, sightseeing tours and much more.
Contact us today for more information.

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