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Cosmetic Procedures in Turkey

World-class cosmetic procedures and surgery

Have you ever considered having a cosmetic procedure to improve your appearance and help you feel more confident? In the past, cosmetic surgery was too expensive for most people, but as international travel has increased, you now have the option to choose exactly where and how you want to have your cosmetic procedure carried out.

If you are interested in plastic surgery but concerned about the costs – then we urge you to consider travelling to Turkey. This country has a world-class medical system and some of the finest clinics and surgeons to be found anywhere in the world. Despite this, the cost of your cosmetic procedure or surgery is guaranteed to be extremely reasonable. This is why so many people flock to Turkey as one of Europe’s best locations for improving or enhancing physical appearance.

For years the opportunities available in Istanbul have been a well-kept secret but now Stella Aesthetics offers you access to the very best that this country has to offer.



Quality procedures from proven experts

At Stella Aesthetics we have connections with the best cosmetic surgeons and healthcare facilities in Turkey. These clinics offer a range of quality procedures, all of which are carried out by highly competent healthcare professionals:

Breast Procedures:
Breast Enlargement
Breast Uplift
Breast Reduction
Implant Removal & Reaugmentation
Tubular Breasts
Breast Asymmetry

Body Procedures:
Tummy Tuck

Face Procedures:
Facelift, Neck lift & Chin lift
Ear Reshaping


Why choose Turkey for your cosmetic procedure?

Turkey offers many great advantages:

  • World class trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons
  • Superior healthcare settings – Turkey is quickly becoming the number one destination of choice for men and women who want to improve their appearance
  • Unbeatable prices for your procedure – whilst never compromising on quality
  • Guidance and advice from the local experts at Stella Aesthetics. We are experts in all aspects of travelling to Turkey and the local culture. This provides great reassurance when you are travelling to a foreign country
  • The opportunity to experience the great sights and attractions of Istanbul


Need more information?

If you require further information about cosmetic procedures in Turkey – or further details about our service, please get in touch with us today.